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What is this website all about?

The Kiddie Rekord King" (aka Peter Muldavin) is the world's leading expert on vintage (78 rpm) children's records. I have the largest collection in the world of these nostalgic treasures. You will remember some of your old kiddie record 'friends' such as Genie The Magic Record, The Churkendoose, Gossamer Wump, Tina The Ballerina, Rusty In Orchestraville--well, the list goes on and on. You can find them all here in my website, in living color images and on sound clips. You will even have the chance to order MP3s of your favorites. In addition, my new 432 page book, "The Complete Guide To Vintage Children's Records", has every one of them listed. My mission is to rescue this nostalgic genré from oblivion. Come join the fun and enter the site!
The Complete Guide to Vintage Children's Records
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The Complete Guide to Vintage Children's Records

by Peter Muldavin
Vintage Children's Records
From Collector Books, 432 pages
The Poky Little Puppy, (Little Golden Record, # 5, 1948)Rusty In Orchestraville (Capitol, # BC-35,(1947)Gossamer Wump ( Capitol, # EAS-3012, 1949)Bozo and His Rocket Ship (Capitol Record Reader, # BBX-65, 1947)It's Howdy Doody Time (RCA Little Nipper Series, # Y-446 (1951)
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