Your search can consist of any word or phrase relevant to the record(s) you seek, such as a title (or partial title), specific key words, name of performers, record labels, etc. If you want to order an MP3 of any of my records, the cost is $7 per record side. To help you determine the number of record sides, please refer to the column "# of records".  By multiplying that number by TWO, you will get the number of record sides. In some cases, a song or story will be on only one side of the record; I will give you that information in separate emails. 

The database on this Website consists of all of my children's record listings as found in my book: "The Complete Guide To Vintage Children's Records"--almost 11,000 entries. I own the vast majority of these records, so the chances are more than excellent that I will have the records you seek. While I do not have the actual records available for sale, I am happy to provide MP3s copyright permitting. Click here for prices and ordering details.

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