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A great guide for enthusiasts and collectors (and for reminiscing about your childhood), March 29, 2007
Reviewer: Merle "Little Wonder records" (New York, NY USA)
There seem to be two questions that enthusiasts and collectors ask when they find something new - "what is it" and "how much is it worth." Peter Muldavin's book, "The Complete Guide to Vintage Children's Records," answers those questions in painstaking detail, built on what must have been years and years of research. The first quarter or so of the book provides a short, but very informative, history of each of the record companies included and the rest of the book is devoted to the record listings. You'd think that lists of record titles would be visually boring, but that's not the case here - almost all of the listing pages are illustrated with color photos of the records and sleeves. The listings themselves are set in a type that's easy to read, and color is used well so that it's easy to move across the lines. The value estimates seem accurate to me (at least for the records I know something about), and this book has gone further than most by providing values for records in both near-perfect and lesser condition - a real boon to a hobby where condition matters. The price of this book is very reasonable - listings like this are often much more expensive and don't have photos. So if you have an interest in children's records or just want to reminisce a little about the sounds of your childhood, this might be just the book for you.

For the kid in all of us!, March 29, 2007
Reviewer: Carolann Watsic (Wrightsville, Pa.)
I knew I held something special in my hands as I poured over this beautifully illustrated book. It was as though my childhood was given back to me to live over again. I didn't expect the rush of childhood memories. Peter Muldavin's Complete Guide to Vintage Children's Records provides detailed information that is invaluable to collectors and equally enjoyed by people who just want to remember when things were simple and fun. This book is a Boomer bonanza for a generation defined by their music, it clearly started here! Highly recommended.

Kiddie Records on 78 rpm, March 28, 2007
Reviewer: J. F. Merriman
Filling a void on the subject, this book was clearly well researched, skillfully written and well designed. It addresses history, interesting production details, market values and contains a wealth of color photos of sleeves/albums and labels. For anyone interested in the topic, Mr. Muldavin's book is sure to become the long-awaited collectors' bible of kiddie records of the 78 rpm era. Highly recommended.

An entire childhood in convenient book form, March 26, 2007
Reviewer: Doctor Richard "Richard" (Newton,, MA, United States)
Worth its weight in gold, or in Golden records anyway. If I were preparing my mummy for the trip to the next world, I'd want this book to be among the artefacts with which to be buried. That, and my iTunes hard drive with my favorite music on it. Of course, no one can check on the accuracy of these listings, which is like the Blue Book for used automobile prices. After all, it is disheartening to see the paper Superman 78 rpm record that I played, hated, and destroyed as a child valued at $100. What a gorgeous piece of work, and lovely to read through.

It's Dan-Dan-Dandy, March 26, 2007
Reviewer: Bradley H. Diamond
At last! A great boon to culture. This book gives us publishers, artists, various editions, even titles that I had no idea existed. For most of my adult life I've been waiting for a refference like this and at long last it's here. I look forward to many years of good hunting with the help of this guide.

Outstanding Compilation of Children's Records, March 26, 2007
Reviewer: Dale Alberstone (Beverly Hills, California United States)
Peter Muldavin's book Vintage Children's Records is over the top. It lists nearly every 78rpm child's record released in the United States through the 1950s. Anyone who still has one or more 78rpm records from their childhood, whether stashed away in a closet or proudly displayed as a fine collection, will surely find their discs described in Peter's book together with an accurate price guide and artist reference. Vintage Children's Records is published in gorgeous, glossy full color and measures 8 1/2 x 11 inches. It is nearly an inch thick. If you want to research your own 78rpm record or just desire to learn about the history of vintage childhood records, this book is a "must." I recommend it without reservation.

A Welcome Piece of Record History, March 25, 2007
Reviewer: Judith G. Krasnow "Judy Gail 'Storyteller" (Miami, FL USA)
Peter Muldavin's "A Complete Guide to Vintage Children's Records" is a labor of love, dedication, and vast knowledge. Children's records were a thriving business prior to the advent of television and rock 'n' roll. This entertainment media deserves its place in written history, and Muldavin's book is a valuable contribution to this history. The layout of the book is excellent, easy to read and to find information. The colorful album covers offer a delightful walk down Memory Lane. I thank the author for his painstaking work in writing this most interesting book.

The encyclopedia for classic kiddie records, March 24, 2007
Reviewer: S. Poon (Seattle, WA)
The quality and color printing was of a pleasant surprise, considering i actually bought it from the author's website directly before it was even available. The wide range of the research really helps me to understand the history of these vintage kiddie records and beefs up my appreciation of the book and the kiddierecords that are available on the web.

A Top Quality Book for Record Collectors, March 24, 2007
Reviewer: E. T. Basl (Reno, NV)
Many collection or hobby projects start with a grand plan but result in something less. This project meets and exceeds the niche market it was designed for. There is no doubt that Peter's initial efforts will make it much easier for children's record collectors to know what they are missing and find ways to fill the voids in their own collections. Along the way, many collectors will no doubt be proud of items they may have that Peter has not yet mentioned, and in providing that information to him, another expanded edition will result to the benefit of all collectors. Thanks for a job well done Peter.

WHAT A GREAT BOOK!, March 24, 2007
Reviewer: Wenonah M. Lequieu "Antiquewendy4u" (Malin, OR USA)
THIS IS SUCH A WONDERFUL BOOK! I'm a Children's Record Collector and I waited a long time for Peter to finish this GREAT BOOK. It is so useful and put together so nicely. The information has been very helpful to me & my Husband. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!

A great catalogue!, March 21, 2007
Reviewer: Cyril A. Barnert (Los Angeles, CA USA)
This guide to children's records is superbly made, with high-quality printing in full color. I have enjoyed it not only for the specific information about availability and price, but even more so for the nostalgic pleasure of perusing the pictures of so many favorite records from that era. It is quite a trip down memory lane!

World's First Guide to Kid's Records, March 21, 2007
Reviewer: Robin Field
This book is the answer to a collector's dream! Having collected children's records all my life (even before they were considered "vintage"), I have had to rely on the frustrating and haphazard method of scouring the country for used record stores, swap meets and garage sales or answering ads. Now for the first time, thanks to Peter Muldavin's amazing book and website, my collecting can be done systematically! My only complaint about the book is that the records are listed only by label. A second edition would be greatly improved by an index of titles and artists. Nonetheless, it is so beautifully designed, so thoroughly researched, so richly and colorfully illustrated, it should be considered a collectible itself.

Great Kiddie Record Book, March 8, 2007
Reviewer: Rops Harsu "Cynic007"
First-rate scholarship; complete as is possible; in a well-presented (sorry for the food comparison) book. Well-done, Peter.

Rory Ritts from Los Angeles, CA
Great book on collecting records. It is about time there is a price guide on what I have been collecting: childrens records. With guides for everything around us, this is long overdue. I have seen an advance copy and even if you are not a collector of children's art, the art work alone is well worth it. Retro is in and this guide is another spin on a great place in time. I take my hat off to Peter Muldavin.

David Bonner from Austin, Texas
This book fills a long-standing collector's need. As a record collector and researcher with an interest in old children's records, I have relied on Peter Muldavin's unique archive and expertise on many occasions. His highly anticipated book contains information found nowhere else, and promises to be a goldmine for hobbyists who want to explore a new field, as well as for record collectors who want to expand their horizons and nostalgic baby-boomers who want to capture a bit of their past affection for of Old Time Radio, comics, graphic design, pop culture, and children's literature. Also, music industry historians who want to learn more about a time when children's records were a very big business will benefit from this book.

Helene Krumholz from New York City
Advance copy review: I have had the good fortune to see an advance copy of the manuscript of Peter Muldavin's "The Complete Guide To Children's Records". This book is like a rain shower on the desert--it is so needed by those of us who love and/or collect those old 78-rpm children's records from our childhood. To my knowledge, this is the first such complete coverage of a collecting area. Most of the listings in this book I have never seen anywhere else! Don't miss out on getting a copy if you have a nostalgic streak for old kiddie records as I do.